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Form 1 : Registration of intent Form

more information on intent form
Organisation Details(Show Details...)
1. Organisation Details
  Name of Organization
  NPO registration Number (if applicable)  
  NPO Registration Date(if applicable)
  Contact Person
  Contact Peron's Position
  Contact Person Address  

Details of Proposed Accreditation(Show Details...)
2. Details of Proposed Accreditation
Do you intend having the following accredited(Please choose only one)
  Is this registration for the re-accreditation of an existing programme?
  If "Yes", please state code(s) and name(s) of programme(s)
  Have you applied to have this programme accredited by another body
  If your annswered "Yes" to the above , please the following details  
  Name of accreditation body
  Status of accreditation
  Is this registration for the re-accreditation of the organization
  If "Yes", Please state   
  Date of Accreditation

Organisational experience and scope, programme need and behavioural outcome(Show Details...)
3. Organiational experience and scope, programme need and behavioural outcome
  State the industry area(sector) within which the organisation primarily operates :

  Please tick which best describes the services and programmes the organisation provides:

  How long has the organisation  been operational within this sector?
  State the relevant outcomes of the organisation and programmes the organisation intends to have accredited   
  Organisational outcomes
  Programme Outcomes
  Please list the organisation's expertise in relation to providing the above programmes to childrens at risk and in conflict with the law. Refer to staff expertise, organisational structure, knowledge & experience